You’re All Awesome.

001This is not your typical graffiti. It’s not an artist’s tag, a gang symbol, or a large colorful mural. It does make me feel better. In fact it makes me happy just looking at this. The problem is it’s hidden by a building. And that’s probably part of why it’s been allowed to stay. It’s also on a dumpster, and only the owners of the dumpster can be responsible for removing it, which they’re probably not that interested in doing.

Enough dwelling on that. I wish I could find the artist and say, Hey, you’re awesome too. And I don’t mean that ironically even though it does seem like your work could be taken that way.

Kinda looks like it’s done by The Oatmeal, doesn’t it?


  1. Ann Koplow

    Glad I could find this and say, Hey, you’re awesome, too. Non-ironically, of course.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Thank you so much. It’s a word I personally only use non-ironically, so I hope the message is clear when I say you’re awesome too.


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