I Do Mondays

September 4, 2008

For some reason having a Monday holiday just throws the rest of my week out of whack. I know everyone hates Mondays, but taking Monday off is really just adding on to the wrong end of the weekend. Friday and Saturday are when everybody cuts loose, and Sunday’s the recovery day. When Monday’s a holiday it just adds one more day of recovery time, one more day when you sit around the house thinking, "I’d sure like to do something…" in between naps. The ideal day for a holiday is Friday. How much work really gets done on Fridays anyway? There’s a reason Fridays are casual days: they’re the day the boss usually doesn’t even bother to come in, and the lackeys who do show up spend most of the day sitting in their cubicles thinking, "I should probably do something…" in between naps. Fridays are the days when most people leave work to go to lunch and then don’t bother to come back. They’re really the perfect day for a holiday because you can sleep late and get that early jump on the weekend you could have gotten last week if the boss hadn’t chosen that particular day to actually come in for a change and actually stick around for most of the day, hanging around your cubicle in his Bermuda shorts and waiting for you to finish that earnings report. Now that I think about it, though, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good thing if everybody took Fridays off because they’d be so excited about having the whole weekend ahead of them that they’d be out crowding up all the movies and parks and other places I’d go myself. I’m thinking of something my father used to tell me. "It would be a great thing if everyone used public transportation," he said, "because then I’d never have a problem finding a parking spot." It makes perfect sense. The next time a Monday holiday rolls around I think I’ll take off the Friday before, then come in to work on Monday. And the best part is there won’t be anybody here to interrupt my nap.

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