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April 3, 2014

That’s Another Story
by Christopher Allen Waldrop

Summary (dustjacket, inside front flap)

After a series of strange events brings Edward back to the old Forrest estate he finds there’s so much more than he ever expected to be uncovered. There is the family fortune to be settled, and, more frightening still, the ghost of Great Uncle (once removed) Felix, who shot forty-four men, one of them just for snoring too loud. Will he finally be put to rest, and will his beloved ferret ever be found? And just what is that pachinko machine doing in the attic? As the first comprehensive biography of comedian Joey Toledo this elegant, easy-to-read guide to quantum physics will leave you breathless and able to replace load-bearing walls in your friends’ houses. And in the end they’ll all discover the true meaning of Arbor Day.
Verso page information:

First edition copyright 2015 Loopy Garou Publishing, Catalpa, TN

The pieces in this volume have been previously published in the following:

"Please pass the salt" was published in Hey Vittle Vittle, April 1995

"At the crack of dawn…" was published in Anthropological Annals, pps.2234-2238 (1996)

"I didn’t shower today…" was published in Journal of Drug Abuse Studies, v.44 no.1, January 1997

"What do you mean it WAS brimming?" was published in Pair O’ Dese (Loopy Garou Publishing, 1998)

"Nobody Got An Eye Put Out" was published in Regional Folklore, v.28 no.3, September 1999

"I May Already Be A Loser!" was published in Games & Gaming, January 2000

"The Original Mad Cow" was published in Livestock & Barrel, March 2001

"Golf, Anyone?" was published in Gaming & Games, February 2002

"Look Away, Baby, Look Away" was published in Oxford Comma, v.4 (2003)

"To Serve Man" was originally published in slightly different form in Anthropological Annals, pps.3341-3334 (2004)

"I’m So Hip I Can’t See Over My Pelvis" was published in truncated form in Nerds’ Life, July 2005

"Slice of Quiche" was published in significantly different form in Dragon Magazine, v.30 no.11, April 2006, under the title "Navigating Nehwon: A Guide For Dungeonmasters"

"All Dried Up" has never been published anywhere, including this collection

"Night On Bald Mountain" was rejected by The Nashville Scene, June 15, 2008

""The Immature Burial" was published in Gramp Was A Vamp (Loopy Garou Publishing, 2009)

"Dark Side of the Moon" was published in redacted form in Plink! (issues unnumbered, undated), the house organ of Ed’s Pachinko Sales, Service, & Repair

"Snake, Rattle, and Roll" was published in Herpetology & Other Words That Only Sound Dirty (Loopy Garou Publishing, 2011)

"A Traveller’s Christmas In Wales" was quoted extensively without the author’s permission in "I Sang In My Chains Like The Sea" by Dr. Felix Forrest, published in Journal of Modern Literature v.25 no.1 (Fall 2012)

"Skunked" was published in HYKGAFTD, July 21, 2013

"My Dinner with Oscar" was performed as a play by the Off The Cuff Players, Dark Horse Theater, Nashville TN

Cataloging in publication data
1. Waldrop, Christopher Allen
2. Geeks–20th Century
I. Title
PS3531 .E6544 L3

ISBN 978-067-142515-3

Author Bio (Dustjacket, back flap)
Christopher Allen Waldrop has written two thirty-second horror films and is terrified he’ll write a third. He speaks just enough of half a dozen languages to be unable to communicate with anyone. He picks up spiders with his bare hands but is terrified of ferrets. He really hopes the book tour will take him to Toledo, Ohio, because it’s one of those places no one ever thinks about going but is probably a great town. Also he’s been to Toledo, Spain, and it would be nice to have the set. When the mood strikes him he files assault charges. He doesn’t know what the deal is with pudding and wishes you would quit asking. He really loves his wife and is happy to be owned by multiple Dalmatians. When he has nothing better to do he breeds urinals.

Back cover:

"It’s the satiric equivalent of Toni Basil’s ‘Hey Mickey’."
-Dylan Thomas

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