Aesop Updated.

May 16, 2014

The Tortoise & The Hare Return

The tortoise and the hare agreed to have another race. This time, instead of stopping in the middle of the race to take a nap the hare lapped back and forth between the start and the finish six times before the tortoise even made it to the halfway mark. The hare proudly told his friends that he’d won the race. His friends laughed and said, "Yeah, dude, but you still lost that one time to a tortoise!"

Moral: It’s only funny when it happens to someone else.

The Dog In The Manger

A cow went to eat some of the hay that was placed in the manger. There was a dog in the manger, and snapped and growled at the cow, preventing it from getting close. The cow said, "You selfish creature. This hay does not do you any good, and yet you won’t let those who want it have any."

Moral: Some people are jerks. Suck it up buttercup.

The Dog & The Manger

A dog liked to spend the hottest parts of the day sleeping in a manger filled with sweet, cool hay. One day it couldn’t because the cow was standing there eating all the hay. The dog said, "Well, this sucks. Guess I have to find some other place to sleep."

Moral: It all depends on who’s telling the story.

The Two Frogs

Two frogs were living in a pond that dried up. They went in search of a new home, and soon found a deep, cool well. "We could live here," said one of them. "Yes," said the other frog, "but if it should dry up how will we get out again?"

Moral: Something about not taking the first place you see, or maybe it’s about subprime mortgages.

The Travelers

A train leaves Grand Central Station headed East at 55 miles per hour at 9:00am EDT. A motorcyclist leaves Winnipesaukee at 6:00am EDT travelling at 70 miles per hour, but stops every four hours for fifteen minutes at rest stops. The train is non-stop, but does have to make one one-hour refueling stop in Pittsburgh. Which will reach Chicago first?

Moral: [Write your answer here]

The Octopus & The Eel

An octopus was swimming happily through the ocean. Suddenly it was grabbed by an eel which had been hiding in the coral. The octopus struggled, but the eel had a tight grip on one arm. Finally the octopus was able to tear its own arm off and swim away. The eel ate the arm and was satisfied. Later the octopus would regrow its arm.

Moral: You think you’re tough? Well? Do you?

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