Eavesdropping Is Rude.

Yes, yes, I know we shouldn’t listen in on other peoples’ conversations. Even catching snippets of other peoples’ conversations when walking by is rude, but what can you do? If I could I wouldn’t even accidentally overhear what other people are saying. But the I might miss the woman on her cell phone saying, “Yes, we can all fit in a singular vehicle.”

I guess the really rude thing would have been to stop and say, hey, I’m a big fan of singular vehicles. Can I see yours?


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  1. kdcol

    And Gerald thought I was bad when I would make corrections to his emails (to me) when we were dating. I remind him that he still married me. 😉

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      My wife has worked as a copy editor. I hate being correct but take my medicine anyway. I think she’s saved me some embarrassment by correcting poor grammatical habits.

  2. Gina W.

    Agreed that it’s rude to overhear conversations but when people talk on their cell phones when out in public, they should know that anything they say is fair game. If I”m honest, I love overhearing snippets of conversation. It’s so entertaining. Like the time I was in Kroger and heard the guy at the meat counter say, “I hate this place. I’ll burn everything in the case. I don’t even care.” I kept waiting to see if an impromptu BBQ was getting ready to take place.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That’s hilarious, but it sounds like he’d be doing Kroger a favor by burning everything in the meat case. People would be flocking to buy the new line of pre-cooked meals.


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