Don’t Nip It In The Bud.

Can you see it? Maybe you’re distracted by doughnuts, or the big neon OPEN sign in the window. Chances are good you’re also driving by so you’re unlikely to see something so small. You may not even notice where it is. It’s hidden in plain sight.

inthebudGetting closer. Walking down the sidewalk you’re more likely to spot it unless you’re distracted by the big neon HOT sign in the side window, or the cars getting doughnuts at the drive-through. Maybe you’re thinking about cutting through the grass to get a doughnut.

003Wait a minute. What is that? Is that…?

004Yes. That’s exactly what it is.

006It’s been there for at least ten years, maybe longer. Who put it there? And why? Those are the questions I’d like to ask any graffiti artist, but this one stands out because whoever did it has my kind of sense of humor. Maybe it’s stayed there so long because so few people notice it, but I like to think it stays because it makes people laugh. The box is for electrical wiring or some crap like that so I assume some technician has to check it regularly. I hope they call the box itself Barney.

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