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wallorchidWhat’s the difference between graffiti and a wall mural? One’s wanted, the other isn’t. Yes, graffiti is wanted by the artist, but a wall mural is wanted by someone else. I wonder, though, how often someone commissions a mural or other work of art and then thinks, “Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind” when they get it. That’s one advantage of graffiti: the artists never have to worry about letting anyone down but themselves.



Here are a few other works I’m pretty sure were commissioned or requested. I hope the artist didn’t let anyone down.

006 013016dragonyogasesamestreetThis last one isn’t painted or on a wall but was on the sidewalk in front of a bar. And it just made me laugh.


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  1. PinkNoam

    This was worth reading just for the video at the end. I love that song, haven’t heard it in years. Now it’s going to be in head all weekend.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      It’s a good thing it’s a song you like stuck in your head. And with Roy Orbison’s mellifluous voice. That was a purely gratuitous use of the word “mellifluous”.

  2. kdcol

    An area restaurant often puts little cutsie phrases on their marquee sign. One time they had something like “we’ll toss your salad.” One had to wonder if management didn’t realize what the saying means but then again maybe they did. It was kinda funny though.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That sounds like they were specifically aiming for a double entendre. It also reminds me of something in a college student humor magazine I read where they interviewed a guy who worked in the campus dining hall. They had him going on at great length about how he’d toss salads. I felt for the guy because he had no clue they were making a joke.


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