You Can’t Get There From Here.

001Why is the sidewalk closed? Why do I have to go at least a block out of my way and cross in the middle of the street just to get to the bus stop? All this is because construction is going on. And may be going on for an unknown length of time. The bus may even be rerouted, and they won’t advertise that. You just might be sitting at a stop for a very long time.

I get that urban renewal and new construction has to go on. It’s a fact of life living in a city. It just irks me that it’s the pedestrians are the ones who get hit. The construction would go a lot faster if they had to shut down the street.


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  1. kdcol

    There’s one freeway in my city where I believe it has been under construction literally my whole life. I remember the running joke – Will they ever be done? Hmm.. guess it’s not a joke, and the answer is “No.”

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That’s annoying that it’s no longer a joke. On the bright side if you want to get rid of annoying visitors just give them directions to use that freeway.

  2. Gina W.

    That sucks about the construction. Time to buy a Segway! You thought I was going to say bike but that’s too obvious.

    I loved the “I’m walkin’ here” video clip. Now I’ll look for that line in other shows and movies. And maybe I’ll use it myself as I cross the Target parking lot. Though in suburbia, people are usually nice and slow down for pedestrians. But I’ve that phrase in my pocket to throw out if I need to…

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      There was a guy who used to zip by me on a Segway when I was sitting at the bus stop. I don’t think I’m coordinated or balanced enough to handle one. I could use one of the city’s rental bikes, though, if I wanted to ride from one bus stop to another.

      Fun fact about Dustin Hoffman and the original “I’m walkin’ here!”–it was all improvised. That’s how good an actor he is. The guy stayed in character even when he was really almost run over.


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