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Medical term or fictional place:

  1. Amnion
  2. Sequela
  3. Avalon
  4. Naegleria
  5. Axon
  6. Dendrite
  7. Zegyma
  8. Elysium
  9. Dagoba
  10. Glioma
  11. Macrosomia
  12. Duodenum
  13. Laputa
  14. Labia
  15. Aasgard
  16. Adventitia
  17. Acne
  18. Trenzalore
  19. Presbyopia
  20. Scorbutus
  21. Cilia
  22. Xanadu
  23. Skaro
  24. Gynecomastia
  25. Lankhmar
  26. Equestria
  27. Pern
  28. Saccular
  29. Xanthinuria
  30. Quinacrine
  31. Czill
  32. Typhus
  33. Risa
  34. Cockaigne
  35. Mirkwood
  36. Xibalba
  37. Prophylaxis
  38. Keratoma
  39. Hyperborea
  40. Utopia
  41. Jiangyin
  42. Acathisia
  43. Meropis
  44. Placenta
  45. Uriel
  46. Acrodynia
  47. Jejunum
  48. Amtor
  49. Kalemia
  50. Toadsuck

Scoring: each correct answer is inexplicably worth 2 points.

0-50-Don’t sweat it.

50-75-You are very knowledgeable about medicine, mythology, or both.

76-95-Think about getting out more.

96-100-You either need professional help or you are the professional help.

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  1. PinkNoam


    Some of them were guesses, but still, clearly I read too many fantasy/sci-fi novels.

    Just shared this on Facebook, hope you don’t mind.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I’m thrilled–please feel free to share!

      And sometimes I think people who come up with medical terminology read too many fantasy/sci-fi novels. Or maybe vice versa.

  2. kdcol

    68. Not bad considering all the guesses. 🙂

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Not bad at all. I’m impressed that you, or, for that matter anyone, actually took the test. Maybe I should have made it harder. 😀

  3. Gina W.

    I read through the terms and was surprised at how many I knew. I didn’t take the actual test to see my score (’cause lazy). However, the word placenta reminded me that a friend with a four-year old daughter recently told me that her daughter has decided that she likes the name Placenta for a girl and that someday she is going to name her child Placenta. I mean, why the hell not? If you’re going to give your kid a noun name like Cotton (which was a kid at my son’s preschool) there should be nothing wrong with the name Placenta. Or Labia for that mater.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I never thought about it before, but Placenta does sound like a nice name. It sounds very nurturing. If I met someone whose kid was named Cotton, though, I had have to ask, “So, is he named after the 18th century Puritan minister or the Texas rock band?” Because surely they were thinking of Cotton Mather and not the fabric. Naming your child after a fabric would be so wrong, unless you have twin girls and name them Polly and Esther.

  4. Spoken Like A True Nut

    I didn’t score my answers, but I did reflexively utter “Gesundheit!” after reading several of the test entries.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That’s a winning answer.


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