Pop Quiz!

Musical term or pasta?

  1. Fusilli
  2. Abbellimenti
  3. Pappardelle
  4. Pizzoccheri
  5. Villotta
  6. Lamento
  7. Mafaldine
  8. Rigatoni
  9. Bamboula
  10. Tutti
  11. Obbligato
  12. Zimbalon
  13. Farfalloni
  14. Jongleur
  15. Passacaglia
  16. Lumaconi
  17. Mandala
  18. Orecchiette
  19. Quadrefiore
  20. Funiculì
  21. Ricciutelle
  22. Quadrettini
  23. Sacchettini
  24. Tortelloni
  25. Epithalamium
  26. Gnocchi
  27. Spatzle
  28. Malagueña
  29. Bucatini
  30. Logorrhea

Each answer is worth 1 point.

1-10 points: Great job guessing!

11-20 points: Your music appreciation/cooking instructor is somewhere saying, “Thank goodness something got through.”

21-30 points: We’re coming to your place for dinner and/or a concert.

Answer key:


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  1. TwerlaP

    Fusilli Jerry.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      It was a million to one shot, doc.

  2. Margot

    I scored a 25, so what days work best for you?

    I used to make some mean pasta dishes, but pretty much had to stop when my husband developed insulin dependent diabetes out of nowhere, and then I gave birth to two babies who turned out to be kids in the 99th percentile of picky eaters. My son has just finished two weeks of band camp–his high school marching band is known as “The Pride of the Bluegrass”– and he was just accepted to a program called SCAPA (School for the Creative Performing Arts) for his trombone skills. I’d post the video of their latest concert, but I usually only inflict those on family members. Since you live in Music City I suggest you go for the meal.

    P.S. I’ll bet that when you were an infant in the maternity ward your mind was indeed racing with interesting thoughts, such as “What’s with the blue and pink hats?” (while failing to wonder which color was on your own head). “I’m not sure that this kind of labeling is such a great idea…it could lead to gender identity issues for some of my ward mates in the future.” You must have started honing your thinking skills that early to become as sharp as you are now.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      If it’s a question of pasta any day is a good day. Well, almost any day. That’s a shame about your husband. A very good friend of mine lived with insulin dependent diabetes. He managed it extremely well and it never stopped him from doing things he loved, especially travel. He was a UFO nut and one of the big thrills of his life was going to Roswell. He eventually moved to Arizona.
      Anyway I do remember being told when I was four that I couldn’t like pink because it was a girls’ color and thinking that was idiotic, but from the maternity ward the only thing I remember is the doctors and nurses arguing over who was going to get to slap me.

  3. Ann Koplow

    I got 25, including # 15 and # 30. I hope to see you both in Edinburgh at the Festival Fringe — with lots of good food and music — at some pasta place over the next 8 days.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I’d love to be in Edinburgh, but I’m afraid I can’t afford the time or the fare. Ah, thank you for that–you’ve brought to mind one of my favorite songs. It’s one I regularly sing to our dogs as I’m preparing their suppers.

  4. kdcol

    Well, this is just embarrassing. Apparently I don’t know my spaghetti from my malagueña (?). In my defense though, I didn’t know this material would be on the test.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That’s what they all say. I had a college teacher who’d allow us to consult our notes on tests and he’d put in questions like, “What color shirt was I wearing on Wednesday?” To be fair it was a question he warned us might show up on the test. It was his way of weeding out those who didn’t come to class and just did the readings from the syllabus.

  5. Shawna

    I feel like this was written for me even though I got a really horrible score (17). I guess I’m not the pasta lover I thought I was. I had to Google logorrhea because that did not sound very appetizing. Would that apply as a musical term in a spoken word sort of way? Also, one of my favorite words is in here and if you like gypsy punk (or if you’ve never heard of it) you need to look up Gogol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple immediately.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      You can love pasta without knowing spaetzle from gnocchi. And you had me at gypsy punk and then again at Gogol. “Start Wearing Purple” was great but the video for “American Wedding” really had me hooked. Take away the gypsies and that looked like just about every wedding I went to as a kid. Yeah, it was fun having Czech relatives. I won’t name names because I can’t remember who it was that gave me a shot of slivovitz when I was fourteen. Good times.

      1. Shawna

        I loved all of my alcoholic relatives as a kid. They were the best. Although, if someone ever handed my kids a bottle of Strawberry Boones (not as fancy as your relatives), I’d kill them. It’s time to force history to stop repeating itself, people. And, check out Wanderlust King by Gogol. That one gets me every time. Gogol was the guy who did the soundtrack for Everything Is Illuminated, too. Amazing book and movie.


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