What It Was Was Fantasy Football.

fieldDefending Team:

Safety-Jim Hudson

Safety-Rick Volk

Cornerback-Gerry Philbin

Cornerback-Billy Ray Smith Sr.

Outside Linebacker-Don Shinnick

Outside Linebacker-Johnny Sample

Middle Linebacker-Al Atkinson

End-Verlow Biggs

End-Ordell Braase

Tackle-Dick Butkus

Tackle-Alex Karras

Wide Receiver-Jimmy Orr

Wide Receiver-Bill Mathis

Tackle-Paul Rochester

Tackle-Fred Miller

Guard-Bob Talamini

Guard-Dan Sullivan

Center-John Schmitt/Bill Curry

Tight End-John Mackey

Quarterback-Joe Namath

Fullback-Don Maynard

Running Back-Jerry Hill

Receiving Team:


Safety-King Meshugah

Cornerback-Garet Jax

Cornerback-Dejah Thoris

Outside Linebacker- Thorin Oakenshield

Outside Linebacker-Yog Sothoth

Middle Linebacker-Sandman

End-Ningauble Of The Seven Eyes

End-Conan The Barbarian

Tackle-Sir Gawain


Wide Receiver-Namor Of Atlantis

Wide Receiver-Balon Greyjoy


Tackle-Xena, Warrior Princess

Guard-Anita Blake

Guard-The Red Queen


Tight End-Lord Voldemort

Quarterback-Atticus O’Sullivan


Halfback-Rudy Ruettiger

If you recognized the reference to Andy Griffith give yourself five bonus points and a big orange.

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  1. Ann Koplow

    My fantasy is that I would have something clever and relevant to say about this post.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I seem to be caught in the net of your fantasy because I feel you have added something clever and relevant.

  2. Margot

    This is great! My favorites are Voldemort, Eeyore and Festin. This would certainly be an entertaining game to watch. No points for me—I didn’t get the Andy Griffith reference.

    P.S. I was just at Trader Joe’s and thought of you while I was there amongst all of the pumpkin products. (It’s strange that you can think of someone you’ve never met in person—the internet is wild that way). The most ridiculous item was pumpkin dog treats.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Fantastic! After I posted this I thought it might be too far out for anyone to get. And now you know about Andy Griffith.

      P.S. I’m pretty sure all three of our dogs have had pumpkin treats and liked them. But I don’t think they’ve shown a stronger preference for pumpkin over any other kind of treats. It is good for digestion, but only in the form of whole pumpkin. And that can be hard to find when pumpkin is going into everything else.

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