The Doctor Is In.

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I’m highlighting a number of birthdays this month partly because there are a lot of people I think deserve it but also because I have a December birthday. I know how easily it can get missed in the holidays but my mother always made sure my birthday was treated as a separate event.

There’s an old saying that the only difference between therapy and stand-up comedy is in therapy you pay someone to listen to your problems while people pay to listen to stand-up comedians talk about their problems. And it’s true too, at least in my experience. Once with a therapist I started making jokes about my fear of doctors and it turned into a whole twenty-minute bit. I finally said, “Could I get a copy of your notes?” She said, “I don’t think you should share this with anyone.” I asked why. “Is it because of privacy concerns?” She said, “No, because it’s not funny.”

Anyway it’s Jonathan Katz’s birthday, best known for the hilarious series Dr. Katz Professional Therapist. A lot of the comedians and actors who serve as his patients are funny but as I rewatched the show the running gag of his dysfunctional relationship with his son Ben (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) and his office assistant Laura (Laura Silverman) became my favorite part. I also just loved Katz’s obvious love of old corny jokes.

Feel free to use the therapist joke Mr. Katz. Consider it a gift.

Update: The amazing Ann Koplow of The Year(s) Of Living Non-Judgmentally met Jonathan Katz and wrote about it in a post. And she was lucky enough to take a class with Ron Lynch who appeared in two episodes (one here and one here).

Here’s one of my favorite episodes.

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  1. Ann Koplow

    This post is very in for me, because I love Jonathan Katz. Happy birthday to him and early birthday wishes to you, Chris. Let me know if you want me to share a link to a post where my son and I saw the good doctor in person and chatted with him afterwards. (I may have already shared that with you; I’ve had so many birthdays my memory is less than perfect.)

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Your memory is working wonderfully–I hadn’t seen your post before but I found it and have included it in an update. I’m both glad and envious that you met Jonathan Katz and also worked with Ron Lynch. I only learned about Lynch through Katz’s show where his sessions had me laughing so hard I hurt. I love his very surreal style just as much as I love Katz’s laid back style.

      1. Ann Koplow

        If you want to see more interesting posts about Ron Lynch, Chris, search on his name in my blog. Ron is hilarious and a wonderful person, too. Thanks for including me and my blog in your update! I am truly honored.

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