Olympic Fever.

It’s difficult not to get swept up in the grandeur and majesty of the Olympics. People are drawn to watch, to spend hours watching brave and dedicated athletes perform incredible feats in bitter cold from the comfort of their warm couches. It’s powerful and mesmerizing. It’s like a fever, which is why, looking at the incredible number of events, all I can think is this:






Olympic Sport or Illness?

  1. Curling
  2. Scurvy
  3. Rickets
  4. Skijoring
  5. Bandy
  6. Alpinism
  7. Pelota
  8. Roque
  9. Rackets
  10. Croquet
  11. Sauna
  12. Sibelius
  13. Pellagra
  14. Beri beri
  15. Tryptophan
  16. Influenza
  17. Luge
  18. Slalom
  19. Norovirus
  20. Nordic combined
  21. Rabies
  22. Rubella
  23. Monkeypox
  24. Salmonella
  25. Polo


23-25: Gold

21-22: Silver

19-20: Bronze

15-18: Copper

11-14: Tin

7-10: Rubber ball on a string

4-6: For crying out loud, it’s only once every four years. Would it hurt to take a little interest?

1-3: You will be forced to give a humiliating interview about your loss

Answer Key:





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  1. Jay

    I do not have so much as the Olympic sniffles.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      There must have been an Olympic shot I could have gotten at the start of the season. That’ll be something good to keep in mind in four years.

  2. BarbaraM

    You are one talented whackadoodle. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to read the answers with my mirror. I shouldn’t be allowed out without a guardian.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      You held your monitor/laptop/tablet/phone up to a mirror? That’s pretty clever. I never would have thought of that. I would use the snip tool to make a copy of the answer key, paste it into MS Paint or a similar program, and reverse it.
      Of course that’s how I get the answer key to look like that.

  3. Arionis

    14 & 18 aren’t on your answer key. I’m going with 14 as a disease and 18 as a sport. Even if I didn’t get those two right I still take home the gold! I’ll meet you up at the top of the podium. Please have the Arionisland national anthem cued up. Here it is… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAz0FR4fySc

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      If you think 14 is a disease and 18 is a sport you’re good. If you had that backward I’d recommend you watch more Olympics and eat more brown rice. Also I was afraid you were gonna Rickroll me with the national anthem, but I’m glad to have clicked. That is indeed a fitting anthem.

  4. Ann Koplow

    Is it sick that this clever post reminds me of a recent Jimmy Kimmel bit?

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That is incredibly sick in the best way. I wonder if I can get a bit of credit from Jimmy Kimmel for connecting illness and the Olympics.


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