Dream Train.

There was a story on the news about a historic stretch of train tracks being restored but I can’t find it now. Maybe I dreamed it. I was dozing off on the couch with the news in the background. Every once in a while I take a short power nap in the afternoon after I leave work for the day, and it works. I’m alert for the rest of the day, although there’s not a lot going on these days, and I’m still able to sleep at night. It’s not like when I was in high school and I’d sometimes come home from school and take an afternoon nap and then I’d be up all night and a wreck the following day. Although one semester I couldn’t make it through the morning anyway. I had Mr. Blankley for algebra and he had all the energy of a concrete block. He never moved from behind his desk and would drawl, “Studentssss today we’re going to take a quizzz…” and that was it. I heard that half the parents fell asleep when they met him too, but that’s another story.

Anyway it would be kind of strange that I was dreaming about something as specific as train track restoration. Then again all my dreams lately seem to have been transportation-themed. I’ve dreamed I’ve been on buses and in cars, or just walking, going somewhere. Usually I dream I’m going to work. I’m not actually at work which is good. I have no idea how long these dreams last so it would be hard to figure out how to record them on my timesheet. And I might get in trouble for sleeping at work although work time is kind of flexible these days.

The stranger thing is that in all my transportation-themed dreams lately there are always obstacles. I take wrong turns, find locked doors, have to find another route. Something I’ve noticed about recurring dreams is that once I write about them they go away, though, and maybe the same thing will happen here. So watch this space. Next week I may write something about a recurring dream about Mr. Blankley. Or sooner. Believe me—I’ll write about that as soon as it happens. Or as soon as I wake up.

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  1. Arionis

    I used to have such vivid dreams but lately I can’t remember my dreams upon waking. Maybe it’s because I’m living my dream life now.
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    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That’s fantastic that you’re living your dream life now! Maybe that does explain why you can’t remember your dreams, vivid as they are. When you get up you’re ready to go right into the day.

  2. Ann Koplow

    You think it’s stranger that in all your “transportation-themed dreams lately there are always obstacles”? Not so strange, my friend. Thanks for another dream of a blog post, Chris.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      At least our minds, and the meetings of our minds, can offer a wide variety of experiences even in quarantine.

  3. Anonymous

    I often dream about previous workplaces (the ‘jaguar’ dream and the ‘landrover’ dream) not quite nightmares, although it seemed that way sometimes at the time. I used to have recurring dreams about blocked toilets at Land Rover (there was a reason for that!) and not being able to find the toilets….
    I love industrial archaeology though. I used to live in the West Midlands in England, and not so far away from the black country and Ironbridge where there are some fascinating and frightening remnants.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I’ve been to Ironbridge! What a cool place. Industrial archaeology really is fascinating and I’ve also enjoyed exploring some “abandoned” sites.


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