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It’s been several months since I’ve gone looking for graffiti, mostly because I’ve been staying close to home, but I was running an errand and happened to spot this sign nailed to a telephone pole. Telephone polls used to be covered with photocopied signs advertising local music shows. That had declined even before current events caused the cancellation of most live performances in the area; I think the internet became the preferred way for bands and their venues to get the word out. I remember seeing one of those signs once announcing a performance by a young musician and someone had written on it, “Go so you can say you saw him when,” which was ambitious and confident and I thought, wow, I hope he really does have success someday even though the odds are against it. It was quite a message, and even made me want to go to the show. I didn’t. In fact I’ve even forgotten who the musician was, and it’s been long enough that his star may have risen and, for all I know, fallen. I hope he’s doing well, though, even under the current circumstances which are making things hard for all musicians.

Anyway there was something really great about seeing a sign with a single, simple message. It was so great I had to stop and pull over and take a picture of it. So I could do more than just say I saw it.

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  1. river

    It’s a simple message…. but one we all desperately need to hear right now.

  2. mydangblog

    The good thing about being a graffiti artist is that they already wear masks. They’re more socially responsible than a lot of people right now!


    I love to say that I knew you when and know you now, Chris.


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