Staying Put.

So my wife and I are staying at home for Thanksgiving, not something we originally planned to do, but it seemed like a good idea, and I also decided to take the week off from work–not something I originally planned to do, but then it’s been kind of hard to even think about taking time off. I’ve tried to keep home life and work life separate, maintaining a regular schedule, but at the same time it’s hard when my commute is less than fifty feet and most days I don’t get farther than the mailbox.
In normal times when I’d take time off it was usually because my wife and I were going somewhere, so doing it when I’m not going anywhere is already a major change from routine, but it also got me thinking about vacations in general, and I realized that all my vacations have had one thing in common: they’ve all ended. Most have ended too soon. I’m sure there have been a few where I must have said, “I can’t wait for this to be over so I can go back to work” but I can’t remember them. Well, there was one time when I was in college when I went home for Thanksgiving break and when I came back the fish I’d had in my room had died and I thought maybe if I hadn’t been gone so long it would have lived but then I thought, I have no idea how old it was and it might have croaked five minutes after I left, not unlike my relationship with the girl who gave me the fish, but that’s another story.
Anyway the other thing I realized about most of my vacations is I went into them with very little planning. I’m just not a planning kind of guy. I like to let things happen and be spontaneous and go with the flow and I keep thinking I’ll figure out how to finish this sentence if I just keep typing long enough. And I always end up feeling like I missed something I might have been able to do if I’d had at least a vague schedule. For this vacation I really should have a plan. Well, Thursday is Thanksgiving so that’s covered, but that leaves me with, er, a bunch of other days. Under normal circumstances if I had a staycation like this I’d probably jump on a random bus route just to see where it goes, and spend some time at my favorite coffee shop, but these aren’t normal times. I’ll probably take a hike one day, and, well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out for the rest of the week. I would let you know how it goes but that would require a plan.

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    Staying put is a lot easier because you’re here, Chris. Thanks for the creativity, humor, and spontaneity you put into every post.
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