It’s Curtains For You.

A friend of mine used to have a Mondrian-themed shower curtain but in spite of that I never thought of shower curtains as an art form until Bored Panda posted forty different ones that elevate it and now I can’t stop thinking about how whole dissertations could be written just about the simple shower curtain. There’s the not-so-subtle eroticism in the way it conceals and the knowledge the person behind it is wearing, at most, a layer of soap suds, there’s the fact that it’s the size and shape, more or less, of a large painting, and it’s a utilitarian object but not really needed if you’re taking a bath or if you angle the shower head the right way. And that’s only scratching the surface of what a shower curtain says. I haven’t even gotten to the fact that what most of them say is “I was on sale at Target.”

Here are a few of my other favorites and I find it interesting that there seem to be some recurring themes:


I’d love any one of these but the bookcase one is really my favorite. I may never live in an old manor with false bookcases that hide secret passageways but at least with that one I could pretend I did.

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  1. mydangblog

    I keep begging Ken to make me a secret door that looks like a bookcase but he’s too busy with the porch rebuild, so that shower curtain would be perfect! I love all of those–so much fun!
    mydangblog recently posted…How Much Is Too Much Information?My Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I guess the porch rebuild is a higher priority than a secret door, but the shower curtain would be the perfect thing to hide the entrance to your writing nook.

  2. Allison

    I bought my husband an IKEA curtain that was white with a line drawing of shower head and water droplets in black. He swapped it out at some point. I need to find it and use it for my bathroom this winter.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Why would he swap out the curtain with the shower head? That sounds both aesthetically pleasing and like a nice nod to the purpose. No accounting for taste, I guess.


    We’re going to have to redo our fancy-shmancy shower upstairs, Chris, so maybe we’ll do something much simpler and funnier with a shower curtain like these! Thanks for the inspiration.
    ANN J KOPLOW recently posted…Day 3251: Who is grateful for you?My Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I look forward to seeing whatever shower curtain you pick. Simplifying the fancy-shmancy shower seems like a great opportunity to pick a possibly pretentious curtain that nods to how the shower used to be. Or perhaps something simple that nods to how it is now.


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