Back To Work.

The start of a new year always seems like it should be different. After all I’ve been, mostly, away from work, since mid-December. The one exception was last Wednesday when my boss asked me to come in and take care of a few things that couldn’t wait five days, and even then I worked from home and had to sign out early to go to a doctor’s appointment. In spite of getting a lot done it didn’t really feel like working.

It also gave me an opportunity to clear up a lot of the ten thousand or so junk emails I’d gotten in the time I was away.

This morning I was fifteen minutes late getting to the office. That’s not terrible, and it really just reflects that I’m still getting adjusted to coming back to work in the office. Part of the reason I was late is I forgot the way to get to work. When I started coming into the office I took the same route I’d been taking for years that led to a parking garage that’s approximately half a mile from my office. I don’t use that parking garage anymore, though; I park in a garage that’s next to my office building. So I’d pass by the old garage on the way to the new one. Then, a few months ago, I realized I was wasting time, and that I could take a more direct path—one that’s pretty much the same as my old bus route, funny enough.

Then this morning I forgot to take the direct path. I took the one that went by the old parking garage. I would have waved as I went by but I had both hands on the wheel and was sweating over being late.

The other reason I was late is because time seems to stretch or compress no matter how much I prepare. I got up fifteen minutes early this morning, knowing I’d be groggy and slow because I’ve gotten out of the habit of getting up early and going to work. Somehow, though, in spite of doing almost everything the same way I would on a work day, and moving through at pretty much the same pace, that extra fifteen minutes disappeared and an additional fifteen minutes got added on.

For months now I’ve been arriving at the office on Monday morning at the same time, taking the same route. This morning I went the wrong way, or at least a different way that hadn’t been my normal one, and I was fifteen minutes late. It’s not the most auspicious start to 2023 but at least it’s different.

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  1. BarbaraM

    Was there anybody else in the office to notice?
    And it’s not even the same day of the week every week.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      There were a few people in the office but I’m not sure anyone did notice. I work in a room with a closed door and even now most people I work with work from home. I think time has always been weird. I’m just more conscious of it at the moment.

  2. Val

    Time is doing weird things for me these days also – I can sit down for “just a few minutes” but the next thing I know, 20-30 minutes have slipped by!
    Is this what getting old is like??!!??
    Val recently posted…The Mummy ReturnsMy Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Well, a popular explanation for that sort of “lost time” used to be alien abductions, so I’d say given the alternative getting old is definitely better. But check back in a few months if it’s still happening to you.

  3. Allison

    I feel this with every fiber of my being. Several times, I’ve been coming home from work and end up headed to the airport instead of the house. Thankfully, I can reroute, but it’s always a little disorienting. Happy new year, and safe travels!

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      That does sound disorienting, especially since being disoriented is what leads to it in the first place. Getting stuck at the airport wouldn’t be fun either. Well, here’s hoping that once the new year settles in we all get resettled into the right routines.


    I can relate, Chris. Yesterday, I lost time while I was doing my blog post and had to finish it in the car on the way to work while I was stuck in traffic. I was afraid I was going to be late for my first appointment but then I realized there were so many ways I could deal with that without it becoming a catastrophe (including calling a patient on the phone while I was walking to work). However, I did get to work on time and all was well. Here’s a helpful phrase i use for myself and others: “You have all the time you need.” I always appreciate the time shared with you.
    ANN J KOPLOW recently posted…Day 3676: ShockingMy Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I really appreciate you taking the time to share that experience, and that saying. Now that you’ve said “You have all the time you need” I realize that, since most of my work days are flexible, I do often have all the time I need. I also need to prioritize and make time for myself outside of work.


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