I’m not a big symphony or classical music guy. Thanks to Sesame Street and Bugs Bunny I know some of classical music’s greatest hits, but I’m more of a fan of something I can dance to, even if I won’t dance in public. But I have friends who are fans of classical music and even opera, and it’s kind of cool to be able to share with them that I live in a town with a world-class symphony and, just as important, a world-class performance space, the Schermerhorn Center. Not long after it opened a rock star, who shall remain nameless because I can’t remember her name, performed there. During the sound check she sat in every section and listened to her band. Her verdict was, “There’s not a single bad seat in here.”

Now, though, its world-class conductor, Giancarlo Guerrerom is retiring, which makes me wonder if they’ll do a new version of this commercial he did for the symphony ten years ago:

And maybe like me you feel a little irked when he gets to “soporific” and his response is this:

Yeah, I get it, “soporific” isn’t a word you likely use every day, even if you work at a sleep clinic, but it seems like a missed opportunity. Let’s start with what soporific is, and the world-class source for definitions, the Oxford English Dictionary.

Seeing a tuxedoed symphony conductor stretched out on the stage sound asleep, maybe in an oversized bed, would be funny and educational, and I wish they’d gone with that.

Then there’s this:

It’s hard to see but he’s popping the top of a Yazoo Dos Perros. At the time Yazoo was the only local beer in Nashville, and it’s still very good, but if they filmed that today he’d have almost a dozen to choose from.

Because we’ve also got some world-class beer here.

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  1. mydangblog

    World class beer and concert halls—what’s not to love?!

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Sometimes I forget because I live here but Nashville does have a lot to offer. But then I also feel like most places have something to offer. Otherwise no one would live there.

  2. mydangblog

    I put a comment on this post (as well as a couple of others) through WordPress but it doesn’t seem to be here—are you getting them?
    mydangblog recently posted…Being Taken For A RideMy Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Yes. They’re showing up for me in WP, and one went to the blog but others went to spam. So weird!

  3. Allison

    My only visit to the Schermerhorn was for a world-class wedding. Unfortunately, my classy friends were following a UT game on their phones during the reception. That said, I enjoyed the heck out of it. They were having a concert there that night, but we never heard them, and I hope they never heard us!

    I also love Dos Perros and all of the classical music I learned via Bugs Bunny and the Muppets.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I guess this is where I confess that I’ve never actually been to the Schermerhorn, not for a concert anyway. I’ve been to several at the Ryman and always take a pillow to sit on because those pews are really uncomfortable. I also hope UT won, for your friends’ sake. Not that I really care one way or the other myself, but, hey, if it was enjoyable that’s what matters.


    Your posts are never soporific, Chris, and always world class.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Symphonies need audiences, and I’m glad you’re here to be part of my audience.


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