Two Cars, One Trip.

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My neighbor is an interesting guy. Not long after he moved in we were walking up our respective driveways to get the mail and I noticed he was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. I commented on it and we started talking and, well, about half an hour later we remembered we were supposed to get the mail. We’ve watched several movies and TV shows together, and he’s also got an amazing book collection. He’s a serious bibliophile and he’s even worked as a bookseller, buyer, and appraiser. One day I was in a local used bookstore and he called me. When I told him where I was he said, “Oh, don’t tell the owner you know me. That guy hates my guts!” I’m sure there’s a story there and I keep meaning to ask him about it.

When I rode the bus regularly he’d sometimes drive by me as I was walking home and give me a ride. He’d always have something interesting on the radio–he’s a big Beatles fan, but, hey, nobody’s perfect–and we’d end up talking about music. Then, about half an hour later, we’d remember we both needed to go home.

The other day I had to run to the store and he was headed to his car at the same time I was going to mine. About half an hour later we both remembered we had places to be. I hadn’t even thought to ask him where he was going but when I got to the store he was already there, standing in the bakery section. So I walked over and said, “Hey, if I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake.”

“Got one already,” he said.

Then we passed each other again in the ice cream aisle. I lost track of him after that but, as I was pulling into my driveway, I saw him getting out of his car. When I got out I said, “Are you telling me we both could have carpooled and made one trip?”

“We could have had a Magical Mystery Tour,” he said, and we started talking about that and half an hour later we remembered we both had ice cream in the backs of our cars.

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  1. M.L. James

    Very cool. You and your neighbor seem to be riding the same wave-length at present. Also, the Beatles, Chris?! You don’t like the Fab Four? How is that even possible? I can’t even… Ah well! Mona

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I don’t dislike The Beatles. In fact I think The Beatles are to modern music what Shakespeare is to, well, plays–they’re wide-ranging, brilliant, and highly influential, not to mention great innovators. And I love a lot of their songs, but they’re just not my favorites. I hope this has redeemed me a little bit.

  2. M.L. James

    I apologize for overreacting. You are entitled to prefer whoever or whatever you want and you don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation. I was just taken aback for a hot minute. Love when you put music on your blog and sometimes making suggestions on mine 🙂 . I’m always finding something new I haven’t heard before on your blog and thinking — why haven’t I heard that before? Where has that been all my life? Anyway, I always enjoy your blog, my friend! In the spirit of introducing new music — and it may not be new to you, but my daughter introduced this group to me not too very long ago, so thought I’d share with you, too. The song is Chelsea Dagger by the Fratelli’s. Don’t know if you’ll enjoy it, but I hope you do. 🙂 Mona

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Mona, I didn’t think you overreacted, but maybe I misunderstood—I laughed at your initial comment, maybe because when I made that comment about my neighbor and The Beatles I had my tongue firmly in my cheek. But I also realize that sort of thing doesn’t always come across, so I felt I did owe you an explanation. I enjoy your blog so much too—although I’m sorry it still seems to be down.
      And I love that song! Where have The Fratellis been all my life?


    It takes one interesting guy to know another one, Chris, and I love this post.
    ANN J KOPLOW recently posted…Day 3880: Super powersMy Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      You’re such an interesting person yourself, Ann, and I’m glad we got to go on some trips too.

  4. Karli Trujillo - QuartzMountain

    Two Cars, One Trip is a thought-provoking exploration of the impact of choice and chance on the trajectory of our lives. The story revolves around two cars, each representing a different path or decision that the protagonist could take. The trip symbolizes the journey of life, with its twists and turns, and the cars represent the choices we make along the way. Through the narrative, the author delves into themes of fate, free will, and the consequences of our actions. The title itself suggests a scenario where two cars must share a single journey, perhaps hinting at the interconnectedness of our choices and the paths they lead us down. Overall, Two Cars, One Trip prompts readers to reflect on the nature of choice and the ways in which our decisions shape our lives.
    Karli Trujillo – QuartzMountain recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Packing the Perfect Snacks for Your Airplane JourneyMy Profile


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