This last weekend wasn’t at all what I had planned. There’s an old saying about the best laid plans and mice and men, but my plans were really pretty loose. I planned to drop some glass off at the recycling center, which I got done, and I planned to go for a walk around the park. Then I had, well, a major incident that completely threw off my schedule for the rest of the weekend. It wasn’t even one of those Whack-A-Mole weekends, the sort where, every time I think I have enough time to go off by myself, something comes up and I need to deal with it. That’s actually what most of my workdays are like–I think I’ve gotten everything under control, I can take a breath, and suddenly something comes up that has to be addressed right now.

It’s a pretty frustrating feeling, especially on a Saturday morning, to be driving along thinking, hey, the whole weekend is my oyster, and then, out of nowhere, something comes up right behind me and that’s the whole day gone. And so much more to be dealt with.

Then, with Monday here, I decided to go for a walk to Centennial Park, just to get out and clear my head, but there’s so much construction going on, and so many sidewalks closed off. I get that some older buildings need to be refurbished, or completely rebuilt, but by the time I got to the park it was time to turn around and go back.

And then, taking a different way back to avoid most of the construction, I passed by a catering truck, and the message Made fresh every day stuck with me.

Yeah, I feel a little fresher now, even if I do need a shower.

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    Your blog is always fresh, Chris, and a refresher course on how to write a good one.

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Thanks for freshening things up here, Ann.


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