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Working From Home Diary, Day 27

5:15AM-Wake up. Remember that you’re working from home and that the alarm isn’t going to go off for another forty-five minutes. Go back to sleep.

5:20AM-Wake up again. You woke the dog up five minutes ago and now he’s really excited about getting up and starting the day. You had an extra glass of wine last night, or a couple, or more than a couple–you really can’t remember–so you’re really not ready to get up just yet.

5:33AM-Accept that the dog isn’t going to let you go back to sleep. Get up. Take the dog out, feed him.

6:03AM-Shower, shave, brush teeth.

6:25AM-Coffee. Decide you’ll splurge a little and have one of those microwavable sausage biscuits you found in the back of the freezer the other night when you were making beef macaroni lima bean waffle casserole.

6:30AM-Brush teeth again.

6:35AM-Watch the morning news.

6:35AM-Brush teeth again.

6:40AM-Check Facebook, Twitter, email.

6:45AM-Brush teeth again.

6:50AM-Have another cup of coffee.

7:02AM-Turn on work computer, log in. Send “Good morning!” chat message to coworkers.


7:23AM-Remember that push-up challenge you read about. Decide to see how many push-ups you can do.


8:15AM-Get up and walk around to work the cramps out of your legs.


9:03AM-Get up and walk around. Go to the mailbox.

9:10AM-No mail. Have another cup of coffee.


10:21AM-Decide you’ll splurge a little and nibble on some dry granola while you work.

10:53AM-Check the pantry. Add “granola” to the grocery list.


11:12AM-Discover an email from a week ago that you put aside at the time because it was from Kevin and at the time you just couldn’t. Respond professionally without acknowledging the delay.

11:21AM-Brush teeth again.


11:33AM-Go the mailbox.

11:40AM-No mail. Go back to work.

11:59AM-Break for lunch.

12:03PM-Watch an episode of Breaking Bad.

12:48PM-Brush teeth again.

12:51PM-Go to mailbox. Catalogs! Whoo hoo!

1:03PM-Log back in to work computer. Work.

1:59PM-Log in to 2PM daily check in with coworkers via video. Congratulate yourself on being the first one there.

2:10PM-Wonder why no one else is showing up. Experiment with cool virtual backgrounds for the video app.

2:15PM-Wonder why no one else has shown up yet. Get the dog to come and sit in your lap.

2:18PM-Set status to “Away”, take the dog out.

2:25PM-Check on meeting. No one’s shown up yet.

2:26PM-Go to the bathroom.

2:28PM-Return to work computer. Realize you forgot to mute yourself. Wonder how many coworkers heard the flush.

2:31PM-Browse the internet for green screens. One of those would make your virtual background even better.

2:41PM-Send “Hope everyone’s okay” message to coworkers.


3:01PM-Go to mailbox. Remember you got the mail earlier.


3:45PM-Go to mailbox just because.


4:03PM-Get chat message from boss that says, “Hey, just checking something and saw you were logged in??” Check calendar. Realize you’ve completely lost track and that it’s Saturday.

4:45PM-Add “more wine” to the grocery list.

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  1. River

    Now… how about posting that beef macaroni lima bean waffle casserole recipe?

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      The recipe’s very simple. You start by clearing everything you can out of the back of the freezer.

  2. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

    Well, it left a bit to be desired but at least it cleared some space in the freezer.

  3. Bookstooge

    beef macaroni lima bean waffle casserole

    Personally, I prefer adding some old chili to this recipe to make it “my own”. I’m sure you understand, being an “artistic chef” yourself…
    Bookstooge recently posted…The Bell at Sealey Head ★★★★★My Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Some added chili sounds delicious, even if it is old chili. I think that would be just the thing to make this recipe perfect, especially if there’s some frozen chili in the back of the freezer. After all the idea is to clear out space. The other night my wife and I had some beans we found in the pantry that were five years past their expiration date. I don’t know what the shelf life of beans is but they were probably a decade old. And just fine. So I guess really the shelf life of beans is forever.

      1. bookstooge

        In all seriousness, canned goods are some of the best survival foods you can have on hand.

        and for the record, I had to sign everything again to comment…

  4. mydangblog

    Like Trent Reznor said, “I believe I can see the future/’Cause I repeat the same routine.” Your day sounds a lot like mine except with less granola and more wine!

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      I think I could use more granola. Fortunately because of a 2017 change in Tennessee’s laws liquor stores are now considered essential businesses. Before that they couldn’t sell food and grocery stores couldn’t sell wine. Now liquor stores can sell food and grocery stores can sell wine so they’re all essential.

  5. Ann Koplow

    I’m writing this on Saturday: You are us, Chris.
    Ann Koplow recently posted…Day 2687: Today is …My Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      We all need some laughter right now and I hope I’ve helped with that.

  6. giac mcley

    christopher, a month or so ago at the gh y we were talking about daniel and the gryphon. i mentioned a new journal that might interest you. came online 2 april: https://illuminationsfantastic.squarespace.com/ not intending to use your site for advertising, but not likely to see you again anytime soon. thanks

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      Thank you so much! I remember you mentioning this but I failed to make a note of it at the time. I think I may even have something for that site.

  7. Arionis

    Except for the wine (most regrettable) and coffee (I get caffeine from Mt. Dew) this is an exact copy of my daily itinerary.
    Arionis recently posted…High On LifeMy Profile

    1. Christopher Waldrop (Post author)

      In my case I don’t like wine and never drink it, so there’s a little bit of exaggeration in this, or maybe substitution for something else.


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